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Brand Awareness: Hamilton and Longines

During the 1970s, Swatch – the watch and the company – pretty much saved the entire Swiss watch industry in the face of competition from the Far East. It’s a canny operator: sophisticated, innovative, financially robust and extremely powerful. Among … Continue reading


  Some watch brands augment their ranges with jewellery. Some jewellery brands complement their ranges with watches. Precious few master each to a degree where they excel in both disciplines. One of the few houses to have earned matching levels … Continue reading

Longines 175th Anniversary

  Do the Swiss “party”? Not in the way that, say, Americans exercise the concept, but they do know how to mark the years. Because Longines is finally getting the push it has long deserved – re-launched, in a manner … Continue reading

Modern Classics: The Glycine Airman

24-hour dials are one of those experiences that watch enthusiasts have to try at least once. They’re like manual gearboxes, varifocal glasses or Marmite: you’ll either love them or hate them … as I learned when I wore one during … Continue reading

De Bethune

New watch companies? They’ve been arriving faster than pre-fab boy bands, illegals at Dover and reality TV shows. And they’re just about as welcomed, the vast majority being little more than exercises in badge-engineering. The bigger the fanfare at the … Continue reading

The Rolex Mystique

  Ever since wristwatch auctions became a source for vintage models, two brands have dominated the most elevated stratum. Patek Philippe has maintained its position thanks to rarity, prestige and horological excellence. Rolex? It rivals its Genevoise neighbour for auction … Continue reading

TAG-Heuer MikrotourbillonS

Whether you consider tourbillons to be the ultimate in haute horlogerie, or – like me – you think they belong in pocket watches, Breguet’s anti-gravity device remains the yardstick by which watch houses are judged. It should therefore be no … Continue reading

Ferraris On Your Wrist

(Luca de Montezemolo and Jean-Claude Biver)   As the most coveted partnership one could possibly court, it’s hardly surprising that Ferrari has been associated with more wristwatch brands than any other since the Italian manufacturer was founded in 1947. Enzo … Continue reading

Audemars Piguet Ladies Watches

A quiet revolution has been taking place in the watch world, despite the subject being that which often dazzles. It has taken some time, but women have changed their attitude toward the technical aspects of fine watches, and it has … Continue reading

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  PARMIGIANI FLEURIER COLLECTION BUGATTI Bugatti, THE purveyor of supercars prior to WWII, has been revived for the 21st Century by Volkswagen. Intent on not repeating the mistakes of the ill-fated relaunch a decade ago, the company wants to ensure … Continue reading