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Blog No. 11: At Last! Some Not-So-Blue News

Lots of lessons to be learned, not least about how slowly turn the wheels of justice. Is it really over two years since I posted “Blog No 9: Bluer News”? In it, I reported how James Dowling, my colleague of … Continue reading

Blog No. 10: The Rodney Dangerfeld Watches Can’t Get No Respect

The Rodney Dangerfield Watches: Can’t Get No Respect We all possess unique tastes, developed over the years for a number of reasons. I loathe lamb because I inherited a hatred for it from my mother, yet I love pasta, which … Continue reading

Blog No 9: Bluer News

Monday morning, an 8a.m. wake-up call from my editor, who usually waits until 9a.m. out of innate courtesy. It has to be something urgent. It is. It concerns a mutual friend. “Google ‘James Dowling’ and ‘billionaire sues’.” I do, and … Continue reading

Blog No. 8: Blue Notes

How, when, where, who, but above all why? Speculation about an unusual, mystery Tudor.     He slapped the wad of cash on the table. “Four thousand euros. Take it or leave it.” Ordinarily, my penury would dictate that such … Continue reading

Blog No. 7: From The Sublime To The Ridiculous

Explaining to purists, fanatics, monomaniacs or other anally-retentive types that it’s possible to love more than one of anything is often fruitless, always difficult. Take any subject, and a fire-breathing, hard-core “tifoso” will present a challenge to those with an … Continue reading

Blog No. 6: Italians Call It A “Bustarella”

  In my other life – that of an audio reviewer – the atmosphere is one of such deep distrust that a writer so much as seen having a cup of coffee with a manufacturer is deemed to be on the … Continue reading

Blog No. 5: Hamilton Does It Again

10 November 2014: Product placement has gone beyond the point of annoying us. Those who value their sanity or wish to maintain acceptable blood pressure simply shrug when an in-your-face display of commercialism rears its head, e.g. the now-infamous exchange … Continue reading

Blog No. 4: As The Chiffons Sang, “Doo-Lange, Doo-Lange, Doo-Lange”

28 October 2014     As the dust settles on the celebrations at A. Lange & Söhne, it’s clear that the company’s celebratory watch is a hit … albeit a low-key one at that. The gorgeous tourbillon issued to mark … Continue reading

Blog No. 3: Today’s Sightings

Watch lovers above a certain age can recall when simply seeing decent/interesting/rare timepieces was almost a cause for celebration. It wasn’t all that long ago when seeing someone wearing an Omega Speedmaster Professional was like happening upon an AC Cobra … Continue reading

Blog No. 2: Cheeky or What?

10 October 2014   One description in a site I write for deems me to be an “historian,” which is understandable on the grounds that I am obsessed with the past. Fair enough: my sole contribution to hi-fi writing in book … Continue reading