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Blog No. 11: At Last! Some Not-So-Blue News

Lots of lessons to be learned, not least about how slowly turn the wheels of justice. Is it really over two years since I posted “Blog No 9: Bluer News”? In it, I reported how James Dowling, my colleague of … Continue reading

Books: 50 Watches That Changed The World

Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to have blind faith in brands. I stopped buying watch-related books willy-nilly after my library passed the 300-books mark. I decided to be selective, limiting myself to either all-new topics not covered before, such as brand … Continue reading

Blog No. 8: Blue Notes

How, when, where, who, but above all why? Speculation about an unusual, mystery Tudor.     He slapped the wad of cash on the table. “Four thousand euros. Take it or leave it.” Ordinarily, my penury would dictate that such … Continue reading

Brand Awareness: Hamilton and Longines

During the 1970s, Swatch – the watch and the company – pretty much saved the entire Swiss watch industry in the face of competition from the Far East. It’s a canny operator: sophisticated, innovative, financially robust and extremely powerful. Among … Continue reading

Blog No. 5: Hamilton Does It Again

10 November 2014: Product placement has gone beyond the point of annoying us. Those who value their sanity or wish to maintain acceptable blood pressure simply shrug when an in-your-face display of commercialism rears its head, e.g. the now-infamous exchange … Continue reading


  Some watch brands augment their ranges with jewellery. Some jewellery brands complement their ranges with watches. Precious few master each to a degree where they excel in both disciplines. One of the few houses to have earned matching levels … Continue reading

Blog No. 4: As The Chiffons Sang, “Doo-Lange, Doo-Lange, Doo-Lange”

28 October 2014     As the dust settles on the celebrations at A. Lange & Söhne, it’s clear that the company’s celebratory watch is a hit … albeit a low-key one at that. The gorgeous tourbillon issued to mark … Continue reading

IWC Pilot’s Watch Mk XV

  You want iconic? Are you after something so utterly immune to the whims of fashion that your great grandson will thank you for buying it in the first place? Amongst military watch aficionados, right up there with 1953 Omegas, … Continue reading

Blasts From The Past

  Why launch new designs if your back catalogue is rich with hits?   When words are co-opted for specific uses, it leaves us with a slight dilemma: how does one describe exact replicas of classic watches, brought back to … Continue reading

Longines 175th Anniversary

  Do the Swiss “party”? Not in the way that, say, Americans exercise the concept, but they do know how to mark the years. Because Longines is finally getting the push it has long deserved – re-launched, in a manner … Continue reading