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Classic Watches: Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso

Permanently situated in the pantheon of all-time greats – for its originality, its iconic status and its longevity – is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso. It’s not so much a watch as a tradition, and it keeps company with very few other timepieces, … Continue reading

The M.A.D. World of Max Busser

(Max Busser, centre, with Marcus Margulies and Wolfgang Sickenberger)   There exists a handful of companies who use outside watchmakers to create new models. The thinking is clever: by looking to others, a brand ensures it will never be stale … Continue reading

The Swiss Army Knife

  Before you enter security at Geneva International Airport, you see a few shops typical of the modern mall approach. One, though, sells items which – should you purchase any – would be confiscated on the other side of passport … Continue reading

The Year’s Best “Starter” Watches 2012

  BEGINNERS WATCHES £200 – £1000  You’re ready to buy your first watch. Cash is an issue, but you don’t want to forego quality or credibility. The good news is that watches now represent such amazing value that you can … Continue reading

Marcus Margulies

(Marcus Margulies, left, with Piaget’s Philippe Léopold-Metzger)   His grin falls somewhere in-between cheeky and amused when asked how he “got into watches.” Marcus Margulies has a two-word reply: “By birth.” No great secret there, though, for the watch-selling community, as … Continue reading

Ralph Lauren Automobile Watch

Ralph Lauren’s new Automobile Watch was presented to the watch community as a by-product of his love for cars. As is well-known, he owns around 70 magnificent vehicles, which inspire him through their details and their execution. Such is their … Continue reading

Dual-Time Watches: Watches for the Traveller

Strange as it may seem, in an era when nearly everyone has a mobile phone with the time clearly displayed, fine wristwatches have never been more desirable. They’ve become personal statements for men, in the way that a woman’s shoes … Continue reading

Watch Auctions: Antiquorum April 2002

Osvaldo Patrizzi   In total contrast to the gloom which has affected the retail watch trade, Antiquorum’s April auction in Geneva confounded everyone. And no-one was more surprised than Antiquorum’s Chairman, the urbane Osvaldo Patrizzi. ‘To say we are delighted … Continue reading

Diving Watches: Who’s Afraid of a Little Water?

  Ken Kessler discusses watches that aren’t afraid to get wet   Along with severe shocks and magnetism, nothing can ruin a wristwatch like water. And resistance to the stuff was a design priority from the beginning: once watches left … Continue reading

Shopping On Bond Street

  There’s a delicious irony to London’s Bond Street. It ranks as one of the world’s greatest shopping districts, particularly for watches and jewellery, and yet the UK is the least adventurous market for watches in Europe. But the mystery … Continue reading