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Blog No. 11: At Last! Some Not-So-Blue News

Lots of lessons to be learned, not least about how slowly turn the wheels of justice. Is it really over two years since I posted “Blog No 9: Bluer News”? In it, I reported how James Dowling, my colleague of … Continue reading

The M.A.D. World of Max Busser

(Max Busser, centre, with Marcus Margulies and Wolfgang Sickenberger)   There exists a handful of companies who use outside watchmakers to create new models. The thinking is clever: by looking to others, a brand ensures it will never be stale … Continue reading

Marcus Margulies

(Marcus Margulies, left, with Piaget’s Philippe Léopold-Metzger)   His grin falls somewhere in-between cheeky and amused when asked how he “got into watches.” Marcus Margulies has a two-word reply: “By birth.” No great secret there, though, for the watch-selling community, as … Continue reading