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Modern Classics: The Glycine Airman

24-hour dials are one of those experiences that watch enthusiasts have to try at least once. They’re like manual gearboxes, varifocal glasses or Marmite: you’ll either love them or hate them … as I learned when I wore one during … Continue reading

The Cartier Tank

    Wonderful irony: a watch named after a fearsome piece of military hardware has evolved into the quintessence of elegance. Cartier’s Tank, beaten only by its stable mate – the Santos – for sheer longevity, was so-named because its … Continue reading

The Ones That Got Away: Daniel JeanRichard Highlands

Interviewing Dr. Luigi Macaluso of Girard-Perregaux is a privilege: there are few watch brand CEOs who balance intimate knowledge of horology with genuine enthusiasm, while never issuing a single whiff of hard-sell. And if there are any arguments that on … Continue reading

De Bethune

New watch companies? They’ve been arriving faster than pre-fab boy bands, illegals at Dover and reality TV shows. And they’re just about as welcomed, the vast majority being little more than exercises in badge-engineering. The bigger the fanfare at the … Continue reading

Book Reviews: Five Essentials

It’s a given that you love watches enough to read about them: after all, you’re holding a magazine devoted to the subject. But how do you fill the time in-between issues, continuing to expand your knowledge to make you a … Continue reading

The M.A.D. World of Max Busser

(Max Busser, centre, with Marcus Margulies and Wolfgang Sickenberger)   There exists a handful of companies who use outside watchmakers to create new models. The thinking is clever: by looking to others, a brand ensures it will never be stale … Continue reading

The Rolex Mystique

  Ever since wristwatch auctions became a source for vintage models, two brands have dominated the most elevated stratum. Patek Philippe has maintained its position thanks to rarity, prestige and horological excellence. Rolex? It rivals its Genevoise neighbour for auction … Continue reading

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be … 9am. – Classic Travel Watches

 1977 Rolex GMT   Everyone knows about times zones, but still we get caught out: who hasn’t suffered the embarrassment of phoning home, only to learn the hard way that it’s 3am back at the ranch? Watchmakers have been dealing … Continue reading

The Year’s Best “Starter” Watches 2012

  BEGINNERS WATCHES £200 – £1000  You’re ready to buy your first watch. Cash is an issue, but you don’t want to forego quality or credibility. The good news is that watches now represent such amazing value that you can … Continue reading

Omega’s Olympic Watches

  Forget all of the crass, exploitative nonsense surrounding the upcoming Olympics, the stuffed toys, the cheesy logo, the inevitable tea set. One long-standing tradition held dear by Omega aficionados will not be ignored for London 2012: the release of … Continue reading