Parmigiani Fleurier’s Bugatti Watches

Parmigiani Bugatti Atalante (2)

(photo by Ken Kessler)

With its radical Type 370 wristwatch for Bugatti soon to end production, Parmigiani Fleurier has produced the final two as pair of engine-turned one-offs to bid farewell to the model. In a flurry of productivity, coinciding with the 100th anniversary, Parmigiani has also produced a round wristwatch to be called the Atalante, an automatic flyback chronograph in platinum, limited to 17 pieces like the production of the actual vehicle, plus one watch produced with diamond set bezel and sub-dial surround.

Of even greater importance is an all-new model to accompany the sequel to Bugatti’s Veyron. Jean-Marc Jacot, CEO of Parmigiani Fleurier, held a breakfast press conference, amid great secrecy, after the anniversary celebrations at the factory in Alsace. Parmigiani’s second watch for the legendary marque will be offered only to purchasers of the new vehicle, now known to be a four-door model called, appropriately, the Galibier.

Jacot told the assembled scribes that the new watch represents a unique concept, in that it can be used in four ways. First, it will be fitted to the instrument panel of the new vehicle, rising from the top of the dash when the ignition is turned on and returning to its hiding place when the car is switched off. Its retractable system allows the support to be pivoted over 180° for the best view by either driver or passengers. Once out of the car, the user can, if he or she desires, remove the timepiece and employ it as a pocket watch, wristwatch or a table clock, using special adaptors for each function.

Described by Jacot as ‘a simple tourbillon’, the new timepiece is a manual wind model with 7-day power reserve, and each watch can be customised to the owner’s tastes. Jacot said that ‘We can match the dial colour to the colour of an individual car.’ Price is still being determined, but, as the car will probably sell for well in excess of €1m, there may even be the possibility of the watch being fitted as standard.

(Bugantics, 2009)