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Black Watches

  If the actual Black Watch – as in “the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland” – doesn’t have its own wristwatch, it is a crying shame. Black timepieces are about as hot as they get, and that … Continue reading

Diving Watches: Who’s Afraid of a Little Water?

  Ken Kessler discusses watches that aren’t afraid to get wet   Along with severe shocks and magnetism, nothing can ruin a wristwatch like water. And resistance to the stuff was a design priority from the beginning: once watches left … Continue reading

No Time Like The Right Time: Dress Watches

No Time Like the Right Time   Ken Kessler looks at watches for the well-dressed man   Whole volumes have been written about formal attire for men: Which shoes/socks/tie to wear. Appropriate colours. Trouser cuffs or not. Cuff links or … Continue reading