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Cars & Watches

  If Sammy Cahn was alive today, writing the lyrics for a new version of Sinatra’s ‘Love & Marriage’, one of the analogies he’d use would have to be ‘cars and watches’. Not as elegant as ‘go together like a … Continue reading

Ferraris On Your Wrist

(Luca de Montezemolo and Jean-Claude Biver)   As the most coveted partnership one could possibly court, it’s hardly surprising that Ferrari has been associated with more wristwatch brands than any other since the Italian manufacturer was founded in 1947. Enzo … Continue reading

Oris and the Williams F1 Team

At the risk of upsetting devotees of NASCAR, Indycar, rallying, drag-racing, and other forms of motorsport, the global consensus is that Formula 1 represents the cutting edge. No, make that the bleeding edge of racing technology. Electronics, materials, telemetry, fuels, … Continue reading

Cars and Watches

Like tea and crumpets, or love and marriage, cars and watches go together with an almost uncanny mutual attraction. They may be filed under ‘Boys’ Toys’, but that’s precisely why they mesh so perfectly: both are mechanical marvels, no matter … Continue reading

Buying A Chronograph

  Watches are inextricably linked with motoring for a simple reason: ever since the automobile first appeared, timing its speed across a fixed distance has been a test of a car’s merits. Time trials, race results, ‘how fast can she … Continue reading

Bugatti Watches

Watch companies, especially the most prestigious ones, choose their automotive alliances with care. Think Girard-Perregaux and Ferrari, Bulgari and Cadillac or Breitling and Bentley. Some are natural partners, some of the marriages may be ones of convenience, but brands involved … Continue reading

Ralph Lauren Automobile Watch

Ralph Lauren’s new Automobile Watch was presented to the watch community as a by-product of his love for cars. As is well-known, he owns around 70 magnificent vehicles, which inspire him through their details and their execution. Such is their … Continue reading