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Watch-Words is a repository for my watch writing over the past 20 years. Here you will find profiles of watchmakers, articles about watch brands, about buying, selling and collecting, and other assorted features. It also includes blogs whenever the mood strikes.

All of the reviews, columns and articles have been edited slightly or tidied up, but only if it helps their usefulness. None will be changed substantially, and any opinions will stand as they first appeared.

Caveats? In a few cases, the exact dates of some of the magazines in which the items originally appeared are not known – my own library is incomplete – so dates are provided according to when the article was submitted. Also please note that prices, addresses or phone numbers mentioned in any of the texts were correct at the time the review or article appeared, but these have not been changed to reflect the current market values nor current contact details if the brand still exists. Unless otherwise stated, all images have been used with the permission of the brands or retailers.

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Ken Kessler

Editor-at-Large, Revolution UK
Tech Columnist, Telegraph Luxury
Watch Columnist, GQ Online

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